400W outdoor waterproof shaking his head light beam

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Product details
  • Brand name:ssfy
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:10000 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

FLY-SP400BEAM uses imported high-brightness light source, issued a strong light to illuminate the building, or in the concert stage impact lights. Precision injection molding technology and strict thermal design, he is very light weight to use the installation becomes very easy. The output of ultra-high scheduling, 20 meters can reach 8500LUX is the hands of the magician magic brush! The The Its good energy-saving performance, it is to force the appearance of the design is as an outdoor show, the city lighting the ideal choice for lighting.

● Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI ? 280, power 280W, luminous flux 19200 lumens; bulb and reflector cup overall package, higher luminous efficiency, longer life (5000 hours)

● Light gate: complete linear dimming and variable strobe speed. (0.3 to 13 times / sec)

● three-phase motor: the use of three-phase motor control, compared with the two-phase motor, faster, more smooth operation, the noise is small.

● Color (import): Use one color wheel 14 colors + white, adjust the color temperature through two CT0 (3200K and 2500K) and one CTB color piece.

● pattern effect: there is a pattern plate, with 17 kinds of patterns + white light.

● Green power supply: 100 ~ 240V wide operating voltage, power factor (PFC) ≥ 0.99, total harmonic content THD <20%, and over-voltage protection function.

● LCD screen, the menu is simple and practical;

● Beam angle: 2.5 °;

● Hand in hand power socket design, easy to perform the operation of the installation;

● RDM control protocol. Remote device management (in test) via software;

● DMX, wireless optional;

● the same power in the more lightweight and convenient;

● mechanical strobe, strobe speed 0.3-13 times / sec adjustable;

● mechanical dimming (0-100%);

● Intelligent light bulb control;

● Light body size: 382 * 328 * 500mm

● Net weight: 16.3KG

● Degree of protection IP56

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